Add Team Member

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If the API key is correct and the request is successful, it will return a response containing an array with all team members’ information. Each element in the array will represent a team member and would include details such as their name, email, role, and any other relevant information associated with team members in the system.


Authorization: Api-Key {API_KEY}

Body Parameters

All params with * are required attributes

firstName*Team member’s first name
surnameTeam member’s surname
email*Team member’s email
role*Team member’s role
(admin | team-member)
statusTeam member’s status
(active | pending)
idTeam member’s Id

Request Payload

    "firstName" : "Joe",
    "surname" : "Test",
    "email" : "[email protected]",
    "role"  : "team-member"


    "error": 0,
    "message": "We have sent an activation link to [email protected]. Please advise the team member to check the email for email verification. ",
    "firstName": "Joe",
    "surname": "Test",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "role": "team-member",
    "status": "pending",
    "id": "sfdgsuf837r5345"